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The Gutenberg Editor – Explainer Videos

I’m really liking the new Gutenberg editor, and have found four useful introductory videos:
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SEO Tips & Tools For 2019

To paraphrase Mark Twain :“The reports of the death of SEO are greatly exaggerated.” And, despite regular dire predictions, prognostications and even obituaries, SEO is alive and kicking – and even thriving – in 2019. So, I’ve collected some useful tips and tools to help you master SEO in 2019 in the list below. Search…
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WordPress 5.0 Block Editor Resources

Regardless of what you think about it, the Gutenberg Block Editor for WordPress 5.0 is here to stay. Empowering WordPress users on one hand – and giving clients a whole new way to break your beautiful website design on the other – I think the Block Editor is going to be the gift that keeps…
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Staying Focussed – Or Why You Should NEVER Split Your Brand

Focus and determination are two essential factors in business success. If you are trying to build your business and are thinking of diluting your efforts by building multiple brands, then you should watch this video before you make any firm decisions.
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Seth Godin Interview – This Is Marketing

Seth Godin has written a new book called This Is Marketing. This is a really interesting interview he did to promote the book’s release.   Related Links Amy Porterfield also recently interviewed Seth on her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. Listen to it here.
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wordpress admin bar

Understanding the WordPress Admin Bar

A useful feature for WordPress administrators is the admin bar – that dark-grey strip with the icons at the top of the screen that you can see when you’re logged in.
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wordpress plugin installation and activation

How To Install & Configure a WordPress Plugin

One of the great things about a self-hosted WordPress installation is the ability to extend it with plugins – and essentially customise it to whatever form and function you want. This video will show you the basics of plugin installation and customisation.
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wordpress admin dashboard

Navigating the WordPress Admin Dashboard

Once you’ve installed WordPress and logged in, your first stop is the admin dashboard. Navigating the dashboard can be daunting at first, but this video features a quick admin dashboard tutorial.
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wordpress post creation

WordPress Posts vs Pages

One thing that WordPress beginners sometimes get confused about is the difference between posts and pages, and when you might use one over the other. Hopefully this introductory video will help:
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