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WordPress 5.0 Block Editor Resources

Regardless of what you think about it, the Gutenberg Block Editor for WordPress 5.0 is here to stay.

Empowering WordPress users on one hand – and giving clients a whole new way to break your beautiful website design on the other – I think the Block Editor is going to be the gift that keeps on giving.


Because as the collection of Block Editor plug-ins increases, and as developers create and release an ever-increasing number of custom blocks, uptake is going to increase exponentially, until the Block Editor becomes the new norm.

The parallel I see is when Automattic introduced the sidebar widgets plugin – giving less code-savvy users the opportunity to customise their WordPress site without needing to hand-code the sidebar template.

While there was an initial outcry, sidebar widgets are now the norm – as I’m sure Gutenberg will be a year from now.

I’ve collected a few free Block Editor plugins, and a couple of other resources, below.

And BTW – I created this post with the Block Editor!

Custom WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Block Creator Plug-in

Thanks to Nancy Seeger for this one: